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Portable Solar Cell Solar Panana

Panana 100W Foldable Solar Panel Waterproof 18V

Portable Solar Cell Solar Charger with USB/Type-C/DC Port for Outdoor Power Station RV Camping Off Grid Backyard Use (100, Watts)

Product Description

【 High Energy Conversion Efficiency 】 The solar panel boasts a 23% light-to-energy conversion rate, meaning it efficiently converts sunlight into electrical energy under optimal conditions. This is a significant advantage for outdoor activities or emergency power needs.
【 Versatile Interface Design 】 Equipped with a USB port, a Type-C port, and a DC outlet, the panel is compatible with various electronic devices, including smartphones, tablets, and other portable appliances. Additionally, it comes with 10 different adapter heads, making it almost universally compatible with all types of smartphone, laptops, power station, camera and other electronic devices.
【 Portability and Durability 】 Designed to be foldable, the panel is easy to carry and store. The size after folding is only 59 x 61cm (24 x 23.2 in), and the weight is only 3.8kg. Moreover, the solar panel is made from industrial-strength PET polymers and rugged polyester canvas for long-lasting durability. And has waterproof-treated zippers, ensuring durability and water resistance for outdoor use.
【 Stable Energy Output 】 Integrated with an automatic voltage adjustment feature, it ensures a stable and safe power supply to connected devices. This is crucial for protecting the battery life and performance of connected devices.
【 Enhanced Support Frame Design 】 The widened support frame provides more stable support, ensuring stability on various terrains. An adjustable kickstand for optimal sun exposure. This is particularly important in outdoor settings, especially in windy conditions or on uneven ground.

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